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Photography is more than just pointing a camera at a model and pressing the shutter button. In most cases the photographer already sees in their mind the image they are trying to create. This process requires much more than just a camera. It requires backgrounds, props and most importantly one or more models.

Modeling is a visual performance art. It is not sufficient to just stand there and look pretty. An effective model must understand the image the photographer is attempting to create. Then use every part of their bodies to portray what the photographer desires. Often this goes beyond simple body position to capturing the attitude or emotion of the image as well.

The most critical part of this process is for the model to show the photographer that they look and perform like the ideal person the photographer has in his or her mind. To do this, a model must present an effective portfolio. This portfolio is more than just a handful of random images of the model. First, the portfolio must include certain standard images that portray the physical characteristics of the model: head shots, upper body and full body. But creating an effective portfolio is more than that. You need to show all of the work you desire or at least willing to do; glamour, pin-up, fashion, nude and so forth. Then carefully chosen examples of each class should be included in the portfolio. Just adding samples of your past work may not fill this requirement because you may not have covered the full range yet.

The problem with building such a portfolio is that it is expensive. For this reason, the Gentle Photographer Studio is willing to provide free portfolios to qualified candidates in exchange for a few hours of modeling for this studio. Unlike other portfolio services, there will not be limitations on costume changes. This is also more than a TFD arrangement in that the images in the final disk will be created for the model and not just leftovers from the photographer’s work. Models interested in this service should email the photographer.

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