Site Abuse and Spoofing

An unfortunate fact of life is that people do not always do the right thing. In this case, someone is sending out massive quantities of emails with a spoofed address that makes them claim to be from this web site. We get dozens of them bounced back every day. Assuming that this is a small fraction of the messages that are sent out, there must be thousands of these offensive messages being generated every day. Some of these emails are commercial spam and others are illegal scams. While we are appalled at the abuse of our site, there is little that can be done to stop it.

To make this situation as clear as possible: This is a photography site. It has one purpose and that is to promote the photography of James W Emert. Any activity not related to the sale of his images is not approved or authorized.

Many of the addresses used in this scam appear to have been randomly generated. This is also a clear violation of our procedures. The only addresses authorized for this site are “photographer,” “postmaster,” “webmaster,” “abuse” and a handful of names of employees. None of the employee names contain digits or special symbols. A common account name we never use is "noreply", which has recently shown up in spam.

It is our hope that you have not been inconvenienced by these emails.

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