One of the issues that concerns new models is costuming. Or more specifically, the lack of costuming. This is further complicated by sexuality, which may have nothing to do with costuming but that does not stop people from linking the subjects together.

  •  Nudity - This is an artistic site. That means a wide range of costumes are possible, depending on the particular theme or story that is being depicted. That could mean fully clothed, such as soldier in a uniform or a camp follower in a dress as might be the case for historic piece. It could be slightly less conventional such as a sexy witch; covered in semi-sheer robes as she hovers above her victim. Or it could be a naughty, little, nude elf; playfully hiding in a cluster of flowers. The last case is an example of “implied nudity.” The suggestion is that the elf is nude, but in reality the elf is not shown to be nude. Hair, body position, props, scenery and digital effects can all be used to hide the model’s body so that in the final image the viewer does not see any more than they might of the same model on a beach in a bikini. Which brings us to one of the absolute rules of this studio:

No images will be displayed that show a model completely nude (i.e. showing his or her genitalia).

  • Pornography - There are many people who confuse nudity with pornography. The two have very little in common. Legally pornography is the depiction of sexual intercourse. That does not require nakedness and there is a considerable body of pornography that depicts people who are fully or at least partially clothed. At the same time, there is also a huge body of artistic work going back thousands of years that involves nudity without any sexual context. Which brings us to another absolute rule:

No images will be displayed that depict actual or simulated sexual activity.

  • Informed Prior Consent - The relationship between the model and the artist is a very special one based on trust. Once this relationship is established, the artist does not want to abuse it. Instead, we want to nurture that relationship so that we can work with that model again and again. The key to developing the trust on which this relationship is based is informed consent. Prior to any shoot, all planned themes and costuming will be discussed. No model will be coerced into a form of costuming with which they are uncomfortable. Which brings up another rule.

No shoot will be scheduled and no shoot can progress without the consent of the model.

  • Legal Consent - The photographer is not the final authority in deciding if the photos can be used. That is the model. At the end of the shoot, the model must sign a document releasing the use of the images. Which brings up the last rule, which is actually a legal requirement.

No image can be used unless the model signs the release form.

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