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The submission of a portfolio completes the first phase of the application process. If you have not completed the application form, please submit that data first.

It is not expected that you would have a formal portfolio at this point in your career. At the same time, photography is a visual art and your physical characteristics are critical to the selection process. For this reason, recent digital images of you are required. Three types of image are needed and each should be submitted from 2 or three different angles or sides of your body. The images needed are facial [includes your entire head, but focuses on your face], torso [includes your entire upper body and head] and full body. All images are to be submitted as an attachment to a message addressed to Be sure to smile in at least one of the facial images.

Since the purpose of the images is to present your body for matching to our project criteria, minimal clothing is a requirement. This may be a bathing suit, underwear, nude, etc. Professional quality images are not required and even cell phone pictures taken by you will be acceptable. Images should be in JPG (JPEG) format and please limit the size of the images. Do NOT exceed 5MB total for all of your images combined.


We thank you for applying to We hope the application process was quick and painless. If you have any other questions, please feel free to add them to the end of the application. If you are in a major that requires a portfolio, we would be glad to create one for you in exchange for modeling time. You should also be aware that we pay for successful referrals, if you know someone else who might be interested in modeling for us. Either add their names and email addresses to the end of the application or just forward the form to them. We look forward to the opportunity to photographing you.

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