The privacy of a model is always a concern. For that reason we follow industry standard procedures in order to protect our models from unwanted attention.

  • Alias - All models are strongly encouraged to use an alias under which all images will be posted. It may seem like a trivial matter, but the simple use of such an "nome de plume" is extremely effective in hiding the identity of the model.
  • Email address - There are times when a model may need to make contact with someone in their model identity. For that purpose, we provide a free email in the same name.
  • Contact Data - Unless legally required by law enforcement agencies, no contact data for the model will ever be released.
  • Shoot location - All shoot locations will be picked with discretion in mind. The location will be picked to minimize the possibility of an acquaintance seeing the model in route to and from the shoot. And the location will be picked to prevent interference during the shoot, such as the model being observed while working.

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