Physical Safety

The physical safety of our models and other employees is a primary concern. The reason is simple, we wish you to work for us more than once. To that effect, we follow industry standard procedures to protect all of our employees and especially the models working in the lingerie and glamour areas. Even more important, all of our photographers ascribe to a strict Code of Conduct and personally guarantee the safety of the model while on site. None of the following procedures are required during a photo shoot. They are the option of the model and he or she should feel free to exercise that option if it makes them more comfortable or confident.

  • Cell Phones - A model may consider having a cell phone readily available. Such a phone should have 911 and one or more friends on speed-dial.
  • Check-in - A model my consider notifying a friend of their location and a time when the model will check-in by phone. The model must keep that check-in. The friend must be competent to take appropriate action if the deadline is passed without hearing from the model. Please notify the photographer if you use this approach, in case the shoot runs longer than expected.
  • Chaperones - A model has the right to have a personal chaperone present during a photo shoot. The purpose of the chaperone is strictly to protect the safety of the model. The chaperone must not interfere with the conduct of the shoot in any manner. This includes interference with the operation of the photographer or the behavior of the model. Improper behavior by a chaperone can terminate a shoot and cause the model to forfeit pay.

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